Tai chi also known as TAIJIQUAN is a traditional Chinese martial art often practiced for its health benefits. Its movement is based on circles just like the shape of a tai chi symbols.

The core training and techniques of tai chi involves two primary features: the first techniques being TAOLU {SOLO FORMS} a sequence of movements which emphasis on straight spines abdominal breathing and a natural range of motion, the second style is TUISHOU {pushing hands} if practiced in a more accurate, repeated manner it retains good posture, encourages circulations throughout the body, maintains flexibility through the joints


  1. Tai chi improves balance and mobility in people with Parkinson disease.
  2. Tai chi is designed to improve muscular endurance {strength} coordinations.
  3. It increases the body's immune system and vitality.
  4. It encourages weight loss and life energy cultivation.
  5. Tai chi being a meditation like YOGA improves the mental clarity and overall health.
  6. Increase your sleep quality and general wellness of all ages inclusive.
  7. Due to the tai chi specific body movements and breathing patterns, the diaphragmatic breathing is improved.
  8. Tai chi body coordinations and flexibility helps to cure stiffness from arthritis.
  9. It improves blood circulations in the body.
  10. Just like YOGA meditations, it improves the body posture.
  11. Tai chi has being reported as being useful in treating human ailments like diabetes, Parkinson disease, arthritis.

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