Are you aware that most people get about two to four colds per year? Symptoms of the common cold can range from a stuffy or runny nose, an itchy mildly sore throat, coughing, congestion, body aches, headache, sneezing, watery eyes, fatigue and even a low grade fever. Most people often think they have the flu meanwhile they really just have a cold. However, if your fever becomes high, your body aches, or your sore throat is more than mild, then do see a doctor.

Many people take a lot of strong drugs while they are ill to try to get rid of the cold, but the truth is that the common cold really has no cure. Putting a lot of drugs into your body to try to treat a common cold is usually a mistake because the danger of the drug really overrides the danger the cold is putting you in. Thankfully, there are tried and true natural ways to treat a common cold to help you get through your cold drug free.

* Eat Hot Soup – Eating hot noodle soup can help combat a cold by helping your sinuses drain. The phlegm is broken when the steam from the soup enters the nasal cavity causing your sinuses to drain, including relieving pressure and aiding your head to feel better. The soup also provides nutrition to help you remain strong as your body fights the cold.

* Drink Plenty of Juice – When you are sick it’s important to get plenty of vitamin C. The best way to get vitamin C is to drink fresh squeezed juice. You can make orange juice easily with a hand juicer, or if you want to use more than one kind of juice consider a juicer like a Jack LaLanne’s Juicer. You can juice anything to get more nutrients into your body while you’re sick without stressing your digestion.

* Let it be – The truth is that some symptoms are actually good. They mean that your body is doing what it’s supposed to do to get rid of the virus. A low-grade fever actually means that your body is fighting the infection and you don’t want to do anything to stop it when it’s working. The only time you need to get a fever down is when it’s very high and has dangers of its own. But a normal fever should be left alone.

* Stop Sucking It Up – If you are sniffing a lot, try to stop sniffing the snot back up into your nose and lungs. Instead, use a tissue to blow it out of your body when you feel like sniffing. Blow your nose gently, preferably one side of your nostril at a time. Make sure you do not blow too hard, just blow gently enough to clear your sinus passages.

* Use a Neti Pot – Neti pot is a little, specially-shaped pot that enables and helps in cleaning your sinus passages with saline solution. If you are having problems clearing your sinus passages by blowing gently, then the neti pot will help you tremendously. Using tap water can introduce serious problems so it is best to use distilled water in your neti pot.

* Get plenty of Rest – The best thing to do when you are sick is to sleep and rest.  Get comfortable on the sofa and wrap up in a blanket. Take the time to watch mindless TV shows and movies so that your brain rests and allows you to fall asleep. The more you can sleep, the faster you’re going to get better.

* Salt Water Gargle – Try gargling with salt water if you have sinus drainage or a sore throat. Just use warm water with regular table salt. Then use it to rinse your mouth and gargle. This will surely clear your drainage in your throat which can cause you a lot of pain because of the fact that it’s highly acidic and damaging to the soft membranes in your mouth.

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