11 Important Tips On Boosting and Protecting Your Immune System

  1. 1.Drink plenty of water: water is one of the six classes of food and without water your blood won’t circulate normally, digestion also will not take place and dehydrations starts. Dehydration helps to cohabits a lot of diseases due to retention of waste products in the body system.
  2. Eating good and healthy foods: consumption of balanced diet helps to improve and protect the body immune system, because of the nutrients derived from each food.
  3. Having enough sleep or rest makes your whole body to be at alert thereby awakening your mental sense of reasoning.
  4. Antioxidants and amino acid intake increases your adrenal cortex functions e.g. avocadoes or healthy fats.
  5. Boost your immune system by eating garlic and mushrooms often.
  6. Improve your vitamin D by getting enough sunshine and quality fresh air to clean and relax your lungs.
  7. Increase your liver function by eating more cruciferous vegetables to remove toxic substances in the liver e.g. cabbages.
  8. Encourage your digestion by eating yogurts or fermented foods to improve your intestine {gut} flora for proper digestive system functions.
  9. Exercises like tai chi meditations, YOGA, jogging, or working out daily improves your immune system and it encourages a healthy living and reduces mental fatigue.
  10. Boost your nutritional calorie contents by taking fruit juice or vegetable juice each day.
  11. Avoid toxins in the body like smoking, reduce alcohol intakes, and take less antibiotics prescription drugs for healthier living.

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